What are we up to…?

I hope you continue to find AlwaysLocal useful.  Our software is still new and we’re still fixing issues and building modules as fast as we can so your overall experience is improved.

Here is a list of what we’re working on over the next few months.


Improved graphical interface for reports section

The graphics in the reports section are basic.  We aim to enhance them, ensuring they become more useful.


New form software

Entering data into your account will be improved with a slicker interface.  This will include postcode, address finding software.


Deposit module

We aim to build and launch a new Deposits module so you can keep track of your deposits and deposit protection entries.


Mobile site and app

Our mobile site needs a clean up and redesign.  We are planning to launch an AlwaysLocal app.

Feedback Please

AlwaysLocal is looking for feedback.  We know the software is relatively new.  We think we know in which direction we want to move with it.  But it always helps to get some real live feedback.

If you are in the trial stages with AlwaysLocal and fancy giving us some feedback, please use our contact form here.  In return, we will add an upgrade to your account, giving you our AlwaysLocal Silver Product (allowing 10 concurrent tenancies) for a whole year, for free.